What to Expect from Commercial Driving Training?


We, at ARS Professional Driver Services at Clermont, FL, tell all our students that should they be looking to pursue a career as a truck driver they will need to first obtain a special license and training. Practical truck driving lessons can be found in private schools or trucking training programs. You should expect to spend hours behind the wheel of a truck, learning how to use safe operating procedures from more experienced truck drivers. Most driving programs will also include instruction on navigation, delivery procedures, defensive driving, and simple maintenance jobs.


Using a tractor-trailer is totally different than driving passenger vehicles. Most trucks come with manual transmissions and braking systems that are used in a manner that is wholly unique to larger vehicles. A new truck driver should expect to spend several hours learning about all the new systems in the classroom and practical driving lessons. Anyone that enrolls in a training program will be taught about brakes and transmissions, and understanding the mechanics behind them.


A student will be taught by an experienced instructor on how to switch the engine on, use the gears, perform turns, and to drive in reverse. The new driver will be taught all the methods on observing their surroundings using their mirrors. Because these vehicles will need more time to stop and more room to manoeuvre, trainees will spend a great deal of time driving on closed courses in order to perfect their techniques. Once they have shown competence at driving the vehicle, only then will they be allowed to drive on public roads under the close eye of their instructor.


During these lessons, the instructor will offer more information on defensive driving strategies. The new trainee will learn the importance of being more aware of their surroundings and identifying any possible hazards, like slow-moving vehicles, especially tight corners, and erratic motorists. They will also learn how to park their vehicle and how to safely unload their cargo.

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